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February 5-8, 2009 - Live transmision of Ice Climbing World Cup Finals - Busteni.

February 1st, 2009 - Increasing with 46% of Total Income 2008 versus 2008.

November 15, 2008 - Vip Net celebrates its 15th aniversary!

1 iulie 2008 - New international Internet access Up-grade - 1 Gbps.
Between February 8 - 16, 2008, Vip Net broadcasted live Ice Climbing World Championship - Busteni 2008.

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Connecting through a Fiber Optics infrastructure represents today's truly fast and secure solution for broadband Internet and all related services.
Advantages :
- speeds up to 100 Mbps ;
- transferring high volumes of data at an optimum price-to-quality ratio ;
- the possibility to use interfacing services through VPNs with domestic or international partners (voice, data, videoconferecing)...

An ADSL connection represents the optimum solutions for the small and middle range companies that appreciate the quality and reliability of a bandwidth guaranteed service, but at the same cannot spare an important budget for their Internet connection. The service is also aimed at those home users that need a broadband, guaranteed connection for transferring a high volume of data over the Internet.


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